Thursday, April 9, 2009

A New Take on Rejection

Last week Sam received an email from a university in California that contained a congratulatory message of acceptance and an invitation to attend freshman orientation. A few days later, he received a second email that said the first was a mistake, apologized for any undue disappointment and wished him luck in his educational pursuits. Sam had already decided to attend the University of Michigan, so he didn't care, but I'm sure some of the applicants who received that pair of emails were distraught.

The next time I get a rejection, I'm going to console myself by realizing the agent did not write, "Yes!" then later tell me, "Uh, sorry. I meant another writer."

And the next time one of my characters has to face disappointment, I will first set him on top of the world.


Jacqui said...

I read about that massive screw-up. Bad bad bad.

Ann Finkelstein said...

Was this in the news? The second email started with "As I'm sure you know by now..." and I wondered how we were supposed to know. I hope no one declined another college or university thinking they could go to the school that messed up.

Wyman Stewart said...

And don't we have social promotion in schools today to avoid a feeling of rejection by kids? Man, pity the poor kid whose first rejection in life was this second letter! Do I hear LAWSUIT, anyone?

Future fineprint in acceptance letter. "We reserve the right to come back and reject you without cause, at our discretion." "MOM, I've been accepted if they don't choose to reject me!"

Meanwhile Calamity Jane, U. of Error clerk, asks, "Did I do something wrong?"