Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Magnitude of the Error

I didn't realize the rejection letter fiasco involving the California university was big enough to make the news. Thanks to Jacqui Robbins for cluing me in.
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The UCSD notified acceptances in March, but they do not send rejection letters. It's easy to see why so many students were upset.

There might be a story in here somewhere.


Jacqui said...

Mmm. A story. I wonder how far enrolled an enterprising wanna-be freshperson could get with some gumption and an acceptance letter...

Ann Finkelstein said...

There was a time when dropping out of college was all the rage. Maybe this story could be about dropping in.

Wyman Stewart said...

Kid with lousy grades never gets second letter of rejection due to another error, which goes unnoticed. Kid knows something must be wrong, but hey, with his/her grades this is the kid's only hope of going to college. Kid goes, kid excels, near Grad day, college discovers original error. Story hits major networks, charges made that U. of Error must be poor U. if dumb kid can excel there. Much ado about kicking kid out vs. giving kid degree etc., etc. One could have a field day with such a story.

Was it bad teachers from 1st. to 12th. grade, late-blooming student, great academic environment enabling kid to succeed? Or a combination of these things and more? I see a best selling book, movie deal, and TV series based on the University Clerk who had a bad hair day that day.