Monday, November 21, 2011

Mystery Photo

In preparation for the upcoming familial feeding frenzy, I have embarked on my own cleaning/shopping/cooking frenzy. In keeping with the spirit of celebration, I’m holding a mystery photo contest. The winner will receive leftover turkey shipped to his or her home.

Not really. Much of our leftover turkey will be sent to college with Sam to nourish him through his upcoming final exams. 

There are no prizes.

But there will be awards! 

All you have to do is guess what the photo is and tell me in the comments section. 
The answer will be posted on Saturday (11/26/11).

See you on the other side.

P.S. Is this one too easy?


Debbie Diesen said...

Part of me wants to go with my practical guess (tree bark - though I don't know the tree name). Part of me wants to go with my whimsical guess (close-up of a patch of psoriasis on the elephant you used to ride when you worked for a traveling circus). I'm going with whimsical (in hopes of hearing a tale spun about your circus years...).

Rebecca Gomez said...

I'm guessing that it is the bark of a sycamore tree.

charlie b. said...

I'm thinking it was one of Sam's first grade art projects, with pasted on clouds and a pond and, oh my, is that a whale?

Ruth McNally Barshaw said...

A closeup of wrapping paper for earth-friendly gifts. :)

buffy said...

I thought I was so clever for knowing (?maybe?) the answer until I looked at your comments and saw I was not unique: a sycamore tree--or it's close relative, a plane tree. But perhaps it's really a map of the realm of your upcoming fantasy novel: Finklestein Crosses the Gray Sea and Ravishes the Kingdom of Small Pox.

Lori Van Hoesen said...

Well, here's another vote for "bark of tree." I cannot top the other wonderfully whimsical guesses from other readers! LOL.

And Happy Thanksgiving!

Amy Huntley said...

Ahhh... my utterly unRomantic relationship with Nature explains why I failed to see the bark connection everyone else thought was so obvious. Of course once I started reading the comments I got it. But frankly, I'm so disconnected from Nature that Debbie's psoriatric elephant seemed as likely as bark to me. You mean some of you can actually identify the type of tree?