Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Casey McCormick of the wonderful Literary Rambles blog nominated my blog for the Kreativ Blogger Award.

WOW! I’m so jazzed. So, I’m supposed to list my seven favorite things and nominate my seven favorite blogs.

Seven favorite things, in no particular order:

1. Laughing with my family. They are a hilarious bunch.
2. Bodysurfing. Unfortunately for this one, I live in Michigan, and no, you can’t ride the waves on the Great Lakes.
3. My writing group, aka The World’s Greatest Critique Group, is a constant source of intelligence, inspiration, fun and friendship.
4. Solving a creative problem (in writing, photography, parenting or life).
5. A glass of red wine enjoyed with people I love.
6. Nature. Pretty much any ecosystem will do.
7. Daring to dream.

Listing seven blogs is a harder task. One of my faves seems to be on sabbatical, another is brand new, and the ones I read most often are written by agents or editors who might not want to take time to play this game. I managed to come up with five.
My favorite blogs, again in no particular order:

Jacqui’s Room. The entire world should enjoy life as much as Jacqui Robbins. I tip my hat to Tink and Captain Destructo.
Jumping the Candlestick. Debbie Diesen's blog provides a dose of intelligence and humor. Check out Michigander Monday and Poetry Friday.
Ellie McDoodle. Ruth McNally Barshaw doesn’t post frequently, but her blog sparkles with her warmth, creativity and wonderful illustrations.
Life on the Bookshelf. Boni Ashburn provides great updates on what’s cool in picture books.
5. Sarah Miller: reading, writing and musing. Sarah writes awesome book reviews, and her blog is where I find much of my "to read" list.


Casey Something said...

I don't know that I've been to any of these blogs! Goody. New blogs to check out!

(Not that I need any more in my Google Reader.)

: p

Ann Finkelstein said...

I hadn't seen any of the blogs on your list either.

Jacqui said...

Hey, I just saw this! Thanks! I needed it, especially since I was ready to kill someone (okay, it was both of them) this morning.

Sarah Miller said...

Hey, thanks!

I'll pay it forward next week.