Saturday, August 29, 2009


We had about one week of summer this year. The cool, wet weather made it seem like I was on vacation in the Pacific Northwest - except the trees are different.

School is starting way too soon.

Next week my older son goes to college. I'm proud, excited, sad and scared.
(My writer friends are scribbling "show don't tell" in the margin, but that will have to wait for later posts.)

My younger son had his first highway driving experience. Not all the bad things that happened were his fault.

I'm reading through TAoCBS, and the pacing is too fast at the beginning.

I signed up for the SCBWI-MI fall conference in hopes of getting chosen for the first page analysis or the pitch workshop. I've heard the number of entrants in these lotteries reached record highs, so it all depends on luck or statistics.

I also applied for a Highlights Founders Workshop on writing YA novels. I'll let you know if I'm accepted.

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