Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I wouldn't have guessed how many things need doing when a relative dies, but I'm glad for the opportunity to be so busy. I'm making progress with burial arrangements, my mom's little apartment is almost cleaned out and I've started chipping away at the mountains of paperwork. I've notified the experts (lawyers, accountants, financial advisers) who will explain the legal stuff.

Many people at my mom's assisted living place have told me what a great lady she was. It is amazing what an impact she made in just a year. Ironically, she probably wouldn't have remembered or recognized most of the people who speak so fondly of her.

I'm looking forward to Friday. I get up early to serve hugely hearty breakfasts to 50 high school football players at a local diner, then I go home to prepare "festively wrapped baked goods" for the band craft sale. We have a football game in the evening, and both my sons will play. Sam plays nose tackle; Jeremy plays Sousaphone. This week's game is also parent night when the football families are introduced, and the boys give their moms a flower. Life goes on.

On Monday, I hope to find some time to dive back into my novel revisions. The paperwork mountain will require my attention for a long time, but I have a new idea for Aunt Kath that I'm eager to experiment with.

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