Friday, October 31, 2008

The Druid Suit Rides Again

When Jeremy was in 7th grade, he had to give a book report in costume. My little darling chose a book on Stonehenge. No one knows what the Druids wore, if anything. They didn’t even build Stonehenge, but we decided a Druid costume would fit the bill.

I found a remnant of pseudo-suede on sale and sewed a garment that was cross between a graduation gown, Gandalf’s robe and a belt-less monk’s habit. The following Halloween, he added a rope belt, a fake sword and fuzzy dice to become a Dungeons and Dragons nerd.

Now Jeremy is in the high school marching band. Every year at Halloween, the band performs in costume at the three local elementary schools. For some of the larger instruments, costume creativity is limited by steric hindrance. Sometimes the base drum players get away with wearing rabbit ears and going as Energizer Bunnies. You might think the Sousaphone section would be similarly restrained. But no. They went as Renaissance characters, and my son managed to play his instrument while wearing The Druid Suit.

Note: When Jeremy was in 7th grade, the Druid Suit was floor length.

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