Sunday, March 31, 2013


The ice is gone, and the spring flowers haven't sprouted yet. Here are pods and vines.

I experimented with depth of field in an attempt to achieve those nice blurry backgrounds and yet have most of the vine in focus.


Natalie Aguirre said...

Thanks for the pictures. I can't believe how late Spring is. Can't wait for some flowers and green around.

Buffy Silverman said...

I love these vine photos and their blurry backgrounds! Really interesting twists and curls. Are they lassoes for ants? Nooses for nuthatches? Last season's calligraphy?
These would be cool photos to use as writing prompts with kids (and grownups, too.)

Ann Finkelstein said...

Natalie: Consider planting snowdrops in your garden. They grow well in shade. Mine are blooming now.
Buffy: I love last season's calligraphy.

TimInMich said...

Yep, you've got that depth-of-field thing under control. Very useful tool, very nice pictures.
I have two yellow crocuses that started to open yesterday, might be open today, might not, since it's supposed to be cloudy.

Ann Finkelstein said...

My crocuses have green sprouts, but no blooms yet. I'm sure the deer and the rabbits are keeping a close lookout for the appearance of those tasty treats.