Friday, January 22, 2010

Blue and Green Stripes

On Monday I changed my blog header and asked if anyone could tell what it is. I enjoyed reading everybody’s guesses. Beth came the closest. Perhaps mystery photos will be an occasional feature in this blog.

So what are the blue and green stripes?

In my parents’ house, the wall over the kitchen table was covered with framed 5x7 photos of kids and grandkids. When my mom moved to assisted living, we shipped the photos to Michigan and recreated the photo wall in her apartment. My mother passed away over a year ago, and the photos have been sitting in a box in my basement. Last weekend I finally took these photos out of their frames and put them in an album. The frames have seen better days, but the glass covering the photos can be recycled, so I stacked them on the dining room table. When I saw the morning light coming through the edges of the glass plates, I photographed it.


Lori Van Hoesen said...

But of course!

What a great mystery pic, and now you have a heading that is, in it's way, an homage to your mom! Very cool.

TimInMich said...

Wow, how cool! Though you weren't intending that as a puzzle to begin with, you could hardly have picked a more challenging one. I couldn't have guessed it, partly because I was fixated on ice and water -- because of your recent series. I should've opened my mind a little more. Well, I will next time, doggone it.
A suggestion: If you use a (cropped) close-up shot for another puzzle, you might consider pulling back a little after a couple of days, then again, as teasers, till the truth is revealed without words.
Geez, I oughta get my own blog. This fun.

Ann Finkelstein said...

Lori: Thanks.
Tim: Great idea about the hints. Sometimes I take pictures of things that have an interesting pattern even though the overall composition doesn't quite cut it. We'll see. Perhaps I should specify whether the mystery object is natural or man-made.