Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Grand Opportunity

This evening as I sat reading at my sons' Tae Kwon Do class, Sabum Nim, the master instructor, sat down beside me. He asked how many hours a day I spend writing. I told him since my mother moved to Michigan, only 1 or 2. He asked me if the time I spend reading was equal to my writing time. I said my time was probably 60% reading, 40% writing. He asked what I read. I explained I read a few books for adults, but mostly I read books for preteens or teens. Sabum Nim asked if the books I read are similar to the ones I write. I told him no, I read in all genres.

And then, I had the opportunity to turn to this man who is a 6th degree black belt and once trained with the US Olympic team and say, "A famous writer named Philip Pullman said, 'Read like a butterfly. Write like a bee.'"

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