Sunday, August 4, 2019

By the Lake

A few pictures taken on today's bike ride. I shot these with my phone. 


Wyman Stewart said...

That last photo looks a little fishy. :-)
A school of fish getting ready for back to school. :-)
Despite being too long "photographed" may be a more PC term than "shot" in this day and age. :-(
How's your book coming? :-)
Sorry, a little out of practice on witticisms. You've been gone too long. :-(
♫Music♫ to my ears to have you back. :-)

Ann Finkelstein said...

Hi Wyman:
Good to hear from you.

My real camera is currently with my older son who was on a scenic vacation last weekend. i bring my phone on my bike rides, so perhaps there will be more phone-pics as summer fades.