Monday, January 6, 2014

Ice Storm 3

I'm an entire winter storm behind on my photographic record of winter. Currently, we have feet of snow.

The sun shining on the ice drips looked like Christmas lights.
a little snow and early morning light


Kristin Lenz said...

Can't wait to see the snow sculptures you capture next!

Wyman Stewart said...

I feel your cold! Jacksonville, Florida, morning low 22 degrees with wind chills into single digits. Coldest weather in 4 years, with more cold to come. Please, come and get Old Man
Winter. I much prefer photos to the real thing.

Will catch up with your frozen tundra photos, when I thaw out. Typing to keep my fingers warm. STAY WARM, wherever you may be. Great photos, as always! (Be glad when this Ice Age is over with.) Brrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

Ann Finkelstein said...

Kristin: I didn't take any. I was too busy shoveling.
Wyman: Keep warm. That's terrible for Florida. I think our high today was 1. I don't know about the windchill. The back door of my station wagon froze shut.