Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Local Talent

I learned this morning that a country western group, Restless Road, advanced to the final four in the Groups division on X-Factor. Zach Beeken, the bass voice in Restless Road, went to high school with Jeremy. They sang together in Chorale and Men's Chorale. Jeremy used to take voice lessons from Zach Beeken's dad.

Basses rule!


Wyman Stewart said...

:-) Maybe someday Restless Road will tour with famous Country band Restless Heart. No doubt, leading to restless fans.

Today has been a Country day. First, one of my favorite Rock singers, posts an old Eddy Arnold Country song, he's done. Now, I arrive here to find Restless Road.

Got to relearn toe-tapping, like in my Kentucky hillbilly youth. HEE-HAW and Outta here! ;-)

Ann Finkelstein said...

Wyman: I've never watched the X-Factor show, although Jeremy and I used to be fans of The Voice. I don't know how the judging works - if it's only the judges' opinions that matter, or if they use popular vote (twitter, downloads from YouTube, etc.) It seems like once it switches to popular vote, the country singers have a big advantage. Are there that many country music fans in this country? Do country music fans watch these shows more than rock fans? Do country music fans vote more often than pop music fans? Whatever happens, it's nice to see a local kid doing well.

Wyman Stewart said...

I am not certain what audience these shows appeal to most.

I know Country Music fans are very loyal fans. The South is dominated by Country Music. Historicly it produces the majority of Country Music artists. That said, Country Music spread to many regions of the USA, starting in the 1960s. Next to Rap Music, Country is the dominate music of today.

You ask a very interesting question!

Wyman Stewart said...

Dominant, might have been a better spelling than dominate. Oops!

No wonder writers need proofreaders and editors. Read and missed that at least 3 times. :-(

Ann Finkelstein said...

Other people's typos are easier to find than one's own.