Wednesday, September 18, 2013


We’re home from Boston and adjusting to a quieter lifestyle. A metal band no longer rehearses in our basement. 

I’ve started a revision-read-aloud of my work-in-progress to improve voice and writing flow. When I’m done, I’ll do the exercises in Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook by Donald Maass. These exercises are useful for increasing tension and developing character. The value added part is going through the workbook often generates additional, unrelated ideas. I hope next week, I’ll share some of that in this blog. 

In a moment of weakness, I ordered 400 bulbs for my garden. To prepare the beds for ipheion, chionodoxa and anemones, I sprinkle a dried blood product that is supposed to deter voles and mice then add generous amounts of crushed oyster shells to provide calcium and make tunneling unpleasant. After I bury the bulbs, I cover the beds with hardware cloth to keep squirrels from digging. It might work. I’m also planting allium which is related to garlic. Wild creatures aren’t supposed to like the flowers or the bulbs. 

To finish, I’ll share a cover of "Bohemian Rhapsody" that explains string theory. 



Natalie Aguirre said...

I'll be adjusting to the empty nest in about 2 years. You'll have to tell me how it goes.

I only have 70 bulbs so far, but am planning to plant at least double that. Fingers crossed on the squirrels.

Ann Finkelstein said...

Good luck with your bulbs, Natalie. The animals dislike daffodils, tulips are favorites with everyone.

Wyman Stewart said...

Not since the (probable) discovery of the Higgs Boson, have I heard a Bohemian Gravity Rhapsody with such Mass appeal! Indeed, a weighty song! I won't mind Hawking this song to Nerdly Worldlies.

I'm sure Queen's Brian May relates well to this Timeless song.

Sometimes, in life, it's good I'm bound within Four Dimensions. 4D has infinite pleasures of its own. Off to chase Virtual Particles!

Ann Finkelstein said...

Wyman: Punny.

Wyman Stewart said...

Life is "punderful"! Didn't you know that? (Pardon the pun.)

Thank you for posting the video. The video is worthy of an award, given its brilliance and quality.

Was a joy to listen to, after days of wondering, where in Bohemian Rhapsody, did Freddie Mercury mention any science? The song is so long, I've never been able to concentrate on listening to the whole song, without mentally drifting away.

The laugh was on me, but I'm impressed. Plus, my mind didn't drift much. Nice find!

TimInMich said...

400 bulbs -- that should look pretty good next spring! Your genus names got me recalling one of my favorite flower names -- Ixiolirion. Isn't that pretty? However, when I googled it, it wasn't the flower I had in my mind's eye. Still more googling to find my minds-eye-flower is Acidanthera. Well, was. Now it's apparently called Gladiolus murielae. And yes, it is named after a Muriel. And is still often sold as Acidanthera bicolor. It is pretty in form and color, and is fragrant. I was all about fragrance when I was gardening.

TimInMich said...

"A metal band no longer rehearses in our basement." Ahhh, what a life change that is.

Ann Finkelstein said...

TimInMich: Gladiolus murielae are pretty, but they require full sun. No can do.
I miss the metal band.