Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Of Mice and Music

Today Jeremy was replacing guitar strings in the basement when a mouse ran across his guitar case and disappeared. When Jeremy came upstairs to tell me about it, I reminded him that his father is the mouse-control parent. Living in the woods as we do, discovering a mouse in the house is not uncommon. My husband catches them in Havaheart traps then releases them many miles from here, first providing a muffin for the mouse’s first meal away from home. 

Once the guitar strings were replaced and Jeremy started practicing, the mouse came out again. At first, the little creature panicked and ran straight into Jeremy’s foot. After a while, the mouse got used to the music and sat listening. The mouse did not toss a sunflower seed into the guitar case and make a request, although that might happen at any time.  

I know this isn’t a plot. There isn’t a problem. The mouse doesn’t try three times to solve it. 

But isn’t there a picture book here somewhere? 

Go ahead. Write it. Be my guest.


Wyman Stewart said...

Sounds like the band Modest Mouse is missing one of their members. Below is their website. Perhaps if you stroll through the maize, that is their website, you may eventually luck into a way to return their missing mouse-member.


Yes, there is a picture book in that mouse, guitar case, and guitar music. Title: House of Mouse Music. Okay, I tried.

:-) I can also envision a dance craze called, The Eek , in the picture book too.

Ann Finkelstein said...

We caught the mouse in a live trap last night and released him/her in the wild several miles from here. There was no new audience for today's practice session.

Wyman Stewart said...

Good! Thanks for the news. Where there is one mouse, a whole family often pops up.

Many years ago, on my grandfather's small farm, a field mouse, found a way in and out of my grandparents house. My youngest uncle was a teen living at home. He would pop popcorn, then toss pieces near the mouse entrance. Needless to say, the mouse enjoyed his visits, for the few days, popcorn fell his way.

Your post reminded me of this mouse. That was many many mouse generations ago. Funny, how little creatures stick in your memory. Hope your mouse finds peace and plenty in his new home. Maybe he will even dream of his Rock n' Roll days. Great post! Great outcome!