Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Voice

Jeremy and I have been watching The Voice Season 3. This show works for several reasons.

  1. The contestants are mostly young people who are trying to live their dreams.
  2. The personal history section highlights the adversity contestants overcame as they attempted to become professional musicians. The stories of single parenthood, battling addiction, sacrificing a former career, etc. resonate with viewers.
  3. The contestants have been vetted, so there are no cringe-worthy acts.
  4. The judges are friends, and the good natured competition between them adds humanity and fun to the competition.
  5. The judges offer constructive criticism, something that is hard to come by in real life.
  6. The tables are turned. If more than one judge “turns his/her chair” for a contestant, the contestant gets to choose between them. Superstars plead with unknown singers to pick them.
This is also a recipe for a successful YA novel.
  1. Give the young protagonist a dream.
  2. Make it seemingly impossible to achieve.
  3. Make the protagonist appealing.
  4. Have fun with the supporting cast.
  5. Give the main character a way to learn and grow.
  6. Use plot twists.
Easier said than done.


The Swagger Writers said...

This is great, Ann! I am going to steal and keep the formula :)

Ann Finkelstein said...

Thanks, TSW. Which one of you wrote that? :-)

Sandy Carlson said...

Ann, Just now catching up on some past posts. This voice analogy is awesome. I copied it and pasted it in my special writing notes journal. -- Sandy