Thursday, May 10, 2012

Another Airport Bookstore Story

Our flight to New York was delayed for over two hours. After accompanying the kids on a red train tour of the Detroit airport, I pulled out Hunger Games. Possibly, I was the only female on the trip who hadn’t already read it. My lack of tears at the end of the first chapter shocked my fellow chaperones, but that wasn’t sheer hard-heartedness on my part. I, like everyone else in America, knew what was going to happen.

As compensation for the flight delay, Delta Airlines graciously granted us $25 coupons to spend in the airport shops, so I again chased my charges around the airport as we searched for ways to spend free money. I was making fast headway through Hunger Games, so I searched for Catching Fire and finally found it in hardback. As I was standing at the cash register, one of the tenors held up Mockingjay.

Tenor: Mrs. Finkelstein, here’s the third book.
Me: Mmmmm
Tenor: It’s 50% off. I can see that you’re tempted.
Me: But I’ll have to carry it to New York and back.

I didn’t buy the book, and I didn’t have another moment to read until the trip home.

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