Sunday, March 18, 2012


At last Tuesday's photography class, we were sent outside to take pictures. I found some dead leaves and decided to play with depth of field.

I like the motion, the shadowplay and the negative space - even though the bottom right hand corner isn't in focus.

I'm pleased with the way this leaf spirals out of focus.


Natalie Aguirre said...

Wow! Very interesting. If this weather keeps up, you'll have lots of flowers to take pictures of soon.

Wyman Stewart said...

I think you have taken photos of two alien creatures from another planet. You can use their photos in your first Science Fiction novel.

Okay, I would probably flunk the Rorschach Test, but I saw aliens in your leaf photos. Although on closer examination, I did notice they looked suspiciously like leaves, just as you said.

:-( Maybe I should eat more leafy green vegetables.

TimInMich said...

Those pix rock, Ann. I like the palette. It's as much about developing an eye as it is a technique, isn't it?
Do you share pix in class? If so, how?

Ann Finkelstein said...

Natalie: My irises and lilies are sprouting.
Wyman: They look like fossils to me.
Tim: We haven't shared pix in class yet, but we're supposed to bring laptops to next Tuesday's class.
My choices of subjects on that particular photo shoot were school buses, weed whackers and dead leaves.