Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chaotic Paradise's First Concert

Jeremy’s band, Chaotic Paradise, performed at Lake Lansing Park band shell a few weeks ago. The concert is now on YouTube. In case you’re not up for thirty two minutes of metal music, slide the timeline to 20:24 to hear “Graveyard,” the song Jeremy plans to audition with. When the camera zooms out to show the kids dancing on the lawn, you get a quick glimpse of Sam. He’s wearing a dark blue shirt and standing on the sidewalk.

(If the video takes too long to load, try clicking on Chaotic Paradise in the sidebar.)

1 comment:

Wyman Stewart said...

This acknowledges I watched and listened to the 32+ minutes video; twice. Thanks for posting the link.

:-) Biting tongue until I better organize my thoughts. Parked in neutral, for now.