Monday, March 21, 2011

More on MG and YA

In last week’s post about MG v. YA, I mentioned writing two tween manuscripts. Today, I use them to test my definitions.

In G&G*, the protagonist risks everything to help a friend. This is a YA theme since the main character choose a path that leads away from everything he’s been taught. A secondary theme in the novel is the relationship between the protagonist and his estranged father. Since they resolve their issues and begin to rebuild their family, this could be classified a MG novel.

G&CBS** is about two brothers with nothing in common who manage to resolve their differences. My definition of MG regarding the search for home and family would encompass this story. A secondary plotline is the main character’s attempts to attract his father’s attention. In the end, he decides to go his own way, without his father’s input. That means YA.

My definitions seem to work perfectly since I couldn’t classify these novels before and I still can’t. ;-)

*an old manuscript that I’ve put aside.
**formerly known as TAoCBS

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Natalie Aguirre said...

Interesting post. I went back and read your first one too. I'm not sure how to define those books that could be either, like ones with 14 year old characters or older characters with no romance. It seems that YA must have some romance. Not sure why. I'm going to be writing about a 14 year old and hope that it'll be deep enough for YA.