Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Piggy in the Puddle

The Piggy in the Puddle

by Charlotte Pomerantz

illustrations by James Marshall

Aladdin Paperbacks (Simon and Schuster), 1974

This book is still in print, and it was a Reading Rainbow selection. When my sons were small, The Piggy in the Puddle was a family favorite. Beyond that, it is a fine example of combining rhyme and near rhyme, using meter to enhance the story, employing the page turn effectively and getting a young listener to interact with the book.

Why am I blogging about a 34-year old picture book? It poured rain though last night's football game, and my older son plays nose guard and defensive tackle. His gym bag resembles a swamp. Perhaps I am overly sentimental, or maybe I'm a typical mom, but I was happy to see this giant young man, who is racing toward adulthood, have so much fun playing in the mud.

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Lori Van Hoesen said...

Ann, hope your little "piggy" doesn't catch cold. ;o)